Our company the virtual world of your underwear., is the virtual world of your male and female underwear, an online store, where you can buy from anywhere, securely, retail or wholesale, a range of intimate apparel, magical, full of romance , sensuality, comfort, art and fashion of the best national brands with new and innovative designs of high quality.

Terms and Conditions

Shipments are FREE nationwide, after payment or provision, the product will be shipped immediately (24 hours) to major cities like Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla, Armenia Bucaramanga, Ibague, Cartagena, Pereira. Other cities will be mailed two to three days. Subsequently sent a bill of sale to electronic mail supplied by the buyer.
Shipments to international level, the customer bears the shipping costs, if any way to agree.

Our products are brands that have international experience.
Awarded products in the catwalks of Europe High Quality fabrics, lace, straps and fastening
Fashion trends in the world
Latest technology sewing
The widest range of products for every occasion.

We are a responsible and honest company offers lingerie from top brands, all of our products are original brands, guaranteed. Our commitment is to achieve total satisfaction of our customers, so if you are not satisfied with the purchase of the product, please enter the terms and conditions on the cart bottom of the specific brand.
Shipping charges on returns are paid by the customer. If defective or incorrect product by quality borne by
To process your change to the terms and conditions of the mark, send an email to We will respond promptly with all instructions.

Need Help?


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Now you can make purchases and gifts, fast, easy and safe from the site you´re on in different forms of payment, Online Store, or from the homepages of each brand by following these steps:

First step:

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1. \ 'You can enter from the main pages of each brand or from the Virtual Store \'.

Pick your favorite brand of underwear, giving Click on any of the windows citadel, marked with red dots where you´ll find the shopping cart.

A. Steven

B. Kiss Group

C. Chamela

D. St. Even

E. Amour

F. Haby

G. Using the scroll bar at the bottom, you will find more brands: Clever, Hawair.

Soon new brands ...

Tienda Virtual

Second step:

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2. While in the desired mark can choose the category:


H. Interior.

I. Sexy.

J. Sports.

K. Swimwear


Ropa interior

Third step:

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3. To move the catalog using the Next and Previous buttons.

Ventas online

Step Four:

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4. To stop at the clothes that you like and want to buy, selected in the chart according to reference above and / or bottom, size, color and quantity. Ventas ropa interior online

Step Five:

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5. After selecting the size, color and quantity, add the garment to \ 'Buy \' by clicking on the stock marked in red.

This same process can do to add multiple references.

Ropa Interior

Step Six:

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6. This table \ 'MY PURCHASES \' appears brief details of purchases made, with the number of items and their total value added.

You can still see the catalog

-Navigate to any category is:

Example: Interior, sexy, sports, swimwear.

-Navigate to any brand from the menu \ 'Home \', top left. \ 'Find in each window Citadel shopping cart each brand \ '

Without that info \ 'MY PURCHASES \' is deleted.

Thus obtaining a single basket for all makes and sections.

When we want to checkout Click the button \ '$ PAY \'.

Carrito de compras

Step Seven:

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7. Pressing the button \ '$ PAY \' This will redirect you to the billing page where you will find:

L. Your purchases in detail, with the option of changing each of them.

M. If you are a customer enter your e-mail address and password to proceed with payment.

N. If you are not registered in filled New Customers template and follow the instructions.

Once registered, you Registered customers enter the e-mail and password to make the payment.



Brassier, panty, baby doll

Step Eight:

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8. Al Dar Click to proceed with the payment from the check is redirected to a page of information on buying, where you can choose the method of payment:

O. Electronic payment. (See Ninth step)

P. Payment for provision:

Savings Account # 1024-2709536 Bancolombia..

to: Mercadotex Online.

Q. Contraentrega paid service only applies in Medellin.

Ventas Online Colombia

Ninth step:

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9. Payments can be made in different ways:

- Middle-mail:

Credit or Debit card with your checking or savings referenced payment, electronic payment in cash (via Ballot).



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Mail us on how to buy please send us a message

In the Contact Us link or contact us: (57)3147733186 / (57)(4)5311759

For us it is very important to do business!


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